Q&A with Hayley Hodgins


By Grace Pohl, Staff Writer

Hayley Hodgins broke the all-time leading scorer record that stood for 29 years, previously held by Brenda Souther (1983-87). Hayley is the lone senior on the Eastern women’s basketball team and is a leader on and off the court. We sat down with her to talk about her time at Eastern and what breaking the record meant to her.

The Easterner (E): When you came to EWU, was breaking the all-time leading scorer record even on your mind?

Hayley Hodgins (HH): My first thought was I wanted to make an impact, be successful and help my teams in any way I could. I never once thought, “I am going to break this record,” but I was always striving to be the best and work hard through everything.

E: How did you feel when you broke the record? And what does this record mean to you?

HH: It was surreal, for sure. I kind of still do not believe it, and honestly I am just so grateful I have gotten the opportunity to play for this amazing program at a school I love. It is just an honor to be able to hold the record for a sport, program and team that I truly could not imagine my life without. Breaking the record on our home court, surrounded by my awesome teammates, coaches and fans was unforgettable and such a special feeling having all the support and love that day.

E: Your sister is potentially on pace to beat your record, what are your thoughts on that?

HH: It is exciting and special. I think it is something everyone should strive for, and it would make it all the more special for my family and I to keep that record in the family.
E: How has it been being the only senior on the team?

HH: It is challenging but also so rewarding. It has been a learning experience, test of patience and has forced me to focus on something bigger than myself. Often times, when there are multiple seniors there is less pressure because it is spread out amongst them. This year, I have really taken the challenge and have just tried to be a great support system for my teammates, be able to coach them through situations, plays, et cetera, and lead by example in any way I can. I am not naturally super vocal, so this year has allowed me to grow in that aspect. I really feel supported by my teammates, which has allowed me to lead and speak out without hesitation.

E: What has been your favorite memory from playing for Eastern?

HH: This year has been one big memory. The Montana, Montana State weekend was amazing this year. But really, my senior night would be the best thus far. I felt completely loved by the whole program, school and my teammates. It made it something I will never forget. Just to go out knowing you are surrounded by people who appreciate you, there is no greater blessing.

E: How has your overall experience at EWU been?

HH: It has been amazing. I could not be more thankful for the opportunity this university has given me to play the sport I love and gain an education at the same time. I could not picture myself having this experience anywhere else. Eagle Nation is something special.

E: What legacy do you hope to leave?

HH: I just want future athletes and my current teammates to see what hard work, dedication and teamwork can do. I have always tried to excel in everything whether it was school, sports, community service, committee, et cetera. I just want people to understand that being a student athlete is a platform and to be able to make the most of the influence we have. I have always looked at my position as an opportunity and privilege, not a right. That alone made me never satisfied with the success I have had.

E: Do you have any plans after EWU?

HH: I have aspirations to play professionally, either in the states or overseas. I am getting married this July, and in the meantime, I am just looking for other opportunities to play the sport I love. When I am done with basketball, I will pursue a career in hospital administration.