Shakespeare’s ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ comes to EWU as a musical

By Brad Brown, Contributing Writer

“Love’s Labour’s Lost: The Musical” – a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy – is scheduled to open March 4 at EWU’s University Theatre.

Students and faculty have come together to produce an abridged version of Shakespeare’s classic with a blend of contemporary rock music for the theater program’s winter production. The first of two weekend showings begins March 4 and runs through March 6. The musical will also be performed the following weekend, running from March 10 through March 12.

“Love’s Labour’s Lost: The Musical” tells the coming-of-age story of a group of young men who take a sacred vow to swear off the joys of women. But when four cute, clever girls show up, the men are forced to reconsider their promises.

Director of the musical Jeff Sanders said he believes this is a show made for college students. Searching for new material to try out, Sanders said the moment he heard the original cast recording he thought to himself, “There’s no possible way a college audience wouldn’t enjoy it.”

“They’re going to love the music, they’re going to love the story, they’re going to see themselves in it most importantly,” Sanders said.

From the backstage crew, to prop and sound designers, choreographers and others, the production is largely put on the shoulders of students.

“It’s a massive undertaking,” said Sanders. “So many people are putting in so much in such a unified goal of telling a great story.”

Tickets are free to all EWU students with ID and $10 cash or check at the door for non-students. Reservations can be made by calling the Theatre Office at 509-359-2459.