Campus market offers students fresh groceries

By Kailee Dunn


Almost every Thursday in spring, students can count on seeing the red and white tent extending out from the PUB, hearing music pumped through the air and smelling the aroma of fresh fruit.

Dining Service’s Eagle Express Market hosts the Fresh Market every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The tent, depending on the weather, sits just outside the PUB.

According to Briana Martens, employee at the Fresh Market and an EWU senior, when the weather is nice in early autumn and spring they try to sell their produce outside. However, in the winter or more overcast days, students can still find the Fresh Market indoors, sitting just outside of the Eagle Express Market.

At the Fresh Market, students can find an array of different vegetables and fruit. To name a few, the Fresh Market always seems to be stocked with blueberries, strawberries and bananas. For vegetables, the Fresh Market tends to have cucumbers, asparagus and lettuce.

“It just depends on the week and the season. We usually get more fruit in the spring time and we do way more vegetables in the winter,” said Martens.

EWU junior Joelene Moran said she enjoys the option of having fresh produce at school. Agreeing with her was another EWU junior, Skye Allen.

“I really like the options. It’s nice because then we don’t have to walk down to Safeway, when you don’t have a car,” Allen said.

Martens said the produce is chosen weekly from Charlie’s Produce in Spokane and picked out by procurement and supply specialist II, Ken Ripley.

“Not everything is specifically organic, but we get what we can. Everything is as fresh and as local as we can get it,” said Katy Matthews, an EWU senior and Fresh Market employee.

Another perk to the Fresh Market is they always have freshly baked bread or dessert from Tawanka.

“They make it fresh in the mornings. Sometimes we have bread. Sometimes it’s cupcakes and cookies. It just depends on the holiday,” said Matthews

“We just want to provide that fresh option to the students,” Martens said.

The Fresh Market accepts EWU meals plans like Flex Dollars and Ála Carte Points or cash, debit and credit cards.