’Le Gurlz’ show evokes struggles, fun and glitter


Photo by Sam Sargeant

Freedom Rights takes the stage on Feb. 27.

By Rebekah Frank, Eagle Life Writer

Drag queen Nova Kaine brought her “Le Gurlz” to EWU to dance, sing, educate, have fun and raise funds for the Spokane AIDS Network.

During the educational workshop in the PUB on Feb. 27, Kaine discussed her background on the drag show and her own personal struggles. EWU Pride Center Coordinator Sandra Williams said Kaine talked about the history of drag, educated attendees on the event, about those involved and even shared personal stories about her struggles with coming out to her family.

Williams appreciates the experience that the workshop brings to the drag show. In order to encourage students to come to the workshop Williams offers VIP tickets available to those who come, and after the workshop those in attendance were seated first. After that, if there were any VIP tickets left they were sold, and the next round of VIP get to choose their seats.

“I think people come to get the tickets, … and then by the time it is over I think people have learned a whole lot,” said Williams.

EWU senior Samantha Harwood was one of those in attendance at the workshop who received a VIP ticket and first access to the drag show. Harwood said she has been to the workshop and drag show every year since coming to EWU, and enjoys the educational side of it as much as the fun side.

“I think it is one of the most fun events, but it is also one of the most educational. I wish more people would go to it,” said Harwood.

The workshop was not the only educational part of this event. While students and Cheney community members were filing into the PUB MPR, there were two big screens up by the stage that were playing videos of the performers getting ready. One video showed Dyke Turner putting on his makeup.

He filled in his eyebrows with eye liner to make them look thicker, and then he would run his finger across them in the opposite direction of the hair flow to make them look fluffy.

Next he would use some natural tones to give him a scruffier looking side burns. Finally, he would paint in his beard with distinct strokes to make it look cleanly trimmed.

The princesses of drag have a little more work cut out for them with their makeup. The other screen showed one of the princesses getting her face ready for the show. She began with a foundation which consisted of two shades of cover up to bring out the cheekbones with a bronzer.

Next, she did her eyes which depending on the performer can consist of many shades of eyeshadow, then they put on fake eyelashes, and lip gloss and/or lipstick with long even smooth strokes to give their lips a full look.

“We like to have two hours, some of [the performers] take even longer, Felony likes four [hours],” said Kaine.

These performers put a lot of effort into their look. When they are done accessorizing with earrings, outfits, necklaces, bracelets and shoes the performers are ready for the stage.

During the drag show, members of Kaine’s cast, “Le Gurlz,” danced and lip-synced to the song of their choice. According to Kaine, the individuals choose their own songs that best expresses who they are as a performer.

The crowd cheered and clapped for every one of, “Le Gurlz,” as well as some members from the EWU fraternity Delta Chi who were a part of the drag show. The members of the Delta Chi were brought forward during the workshop, and were glamorized by some of the members of, “Le Gurlz.”

During the show the Delta Chi members performed their own acts as they were dressed in everything ranging from tutus to daisy duke cut offs. “Le Gurlz,” outdid themselves with each member of the Delta Chi looking fabulous.

With each act, members of the audience would tip the performers. All proceeds from the tips and the tickets went to the Spokane AIDS Network. According to the Eagle Entertainment Facebook page, the total amount raised reached $3,417.

A lot of work goes into making this show possible. All the outfits must be made according to the performers and their song choice. One performer wore an extravagant outfit that, when she took her cloak off, had a cape behind her that was shaped like butterfly wings. This outfit went hand-in-hand with the song “Wings,” by Little Mix.

According to Kaine, the preparation for this show started in November when Eagle Entertainment contacted her with the idea. After winter break, Kaine began coordinating her girls to see which ones would be available.

The day of the show Kaine says her and “Le Gurlz” arrived at noon. They do a soundcheck, begin working on their faces at 2 p.m., do the seminar at 4 p.m., go back to the dressing room to finish their makeup and hit the stage at 7 p.m.

“I love all the work that they put into it,” said Harwood.

Kaine said, she has been coming to EWU for the drag show for six years, and has been performing in drag since 1987. She had her name passed down to her and she is the sixth Nova Kaine in the drag show.

Kaine said that Blowme Bubbles, one of the drag show queens, has been doing the drag show at EWU for about 10 years.

This event was fun for everyone in attendance, evident by the constant applauding. Williams said, the show was great fun and for a great cause.

“The drag show is supposed to help make this campus safer and more welcoming for LGBT students, and so it’s the education piece that makes the campus a better campus for everybody,” said Williams.