Audience overreacts to Macklemore award


By Rebekah Frank

After the 2014 Grammys, an outcry was raised over Macklemore’s performance and his winning an award.

Macklemore performed his hit song “Same Love,” which is about equal rights for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community, during the 2014 Grammy awards show.

After Macklemore performed, Queen Latifah officiated for a marriage ceremony for 33 homosexual and straight couples during the show.

I think this was a kind thing to do and definitely very memorable. I mean, how many couples get to say that they were married at the Grammys? It is definitely very cool.

However, the controversy over this act is ridiculous in my opinion. Some members of the LGBT community were supportive of Macklemore and his encouragement for their equal rights. Others were outraged about it because his song “Same Love” makes a clear point that he is not gay, and some members of the LGBT do not appreciate being exploited by a straight male. Other members were upset because Macklemore himself is not gay, and they believe he is trying to capitalize on the movement.

People, Macklemore is a huge star and has a huge voice. Why are you complaining about him not doing things the way you want it done or about him not being gay? One does not have to be homosexual to be allowed to support equality and non-discriminatory goals.

Arielle Scarcella made a Youtube video about how people in the LGBT community should be happy that someone with such a big voice is in support of their equal rights. Being upset over someone standing up for equal rights who is not gay is a waste of time and effort; instead those people should be putting their efforts towards their own objective.

I completely agree with her video. If you do not like the way someone else is doing things, then do it yourself. All he is doing is standing up for what he believes in, and isn’t that what everyone wants to be able to do?

“I like Macklemore because he speaks about what he believes in. He is not afraid to say what he feels. I only care about the quality of the song,” said EWU freshman Jessica Basta.

After Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won the award for best rap album, many people started making comments about him being privileged because he is white. These comments ranged from, “he only won because he is white,” to, “he only won because the gays are supporting him.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Macklemore agreed with those who argued that he was undeserving of a best rap album. He sent a text to one of the other nominees, Kendrick Lamar, apologizing for his win.

According to MTV, Macklemore texted Lamar and said, “You got robbed. I wanted you to win. You should have.”

Yes, Macklemore did a very nice thing in reaching out to his competitor like that. However, he still won fair and square. People vote for the Grammys based on the participant’s talent, personal image, morals and values. It has nothing to do with race.

EWU popular music professor Larry Kee shared the same opinion when he said it was a “gracious thing to do in terms of reaching out to the other artist. They [artists] are going to be supported or not supported depending on what the public does.”

In my opinion the responses to these events are just people overreacting, and to me the Grammys aren’t that important. Let’s focus our attention and energy on a more important issue, such as world hunger.