Snyamncut still under construction

By Shannon Bedell, Eagle Life Writer


Imagine those final days of sleeping in and being interrupted by the pounding of a hammer at 7 a.m.

The New Hall, now named Snyamncut after the Salish word for “place of gathering,” began construction in April 2012. While the dorm has been completed for student occupancy, construction continues on areas of the first floor and other common areas in the building.

“I haven’t really noticed the construction during the day,” said junior resident Pandora Meyers.

According to publications from the Student Affairs office, this residence hall is the first built on campus in over 42 years. The $25 million project was funded through a bond using no taxpayer dollars.

Josh Ashcroft, chief housing officer, said, “so far the project has stayed under budget.”

The dorm is complete with four residential floors that will each have 37 double and four triple rooms. Other floor amenities include a lounge with a kitchen, two sitting areas and three social lounges.

The common area of Snyamncut is the new office space for Housing and Residential Life, Residence Hall Association and the Resident Director. The main floor also includes a large great room and outdoor space.

“It’s really nice having the Housing Office and RHA in the same place,” said Meyers.

The main floor of the dorm is open during business hours to non-residents. The great room will be available for campus groups to utilize for activities and meetings.

“The first floor will allow students and faculty to interact. The great room will include a gas fireplace, projector and the possibility of having special events. The dorm also offers the availability of utilizing campus catering for events,” said Ashcroft.

The dorm was built primarily to house returning students. It was also built to help increase the student retention rate at EWU.

“Currently, the dorm is about 50-50 on new and returning students. The hall will help retention rates because it gives the opportunity to integrate academics with the living space,” said Ashcroft.

One such opportunity is the study lounges which offer two flat screen televisions and six computer ports. The ports give students the capability of connecting their computer to the TV screen. With this tool, students will be able to share and collaborate on projects with others.

The new amenities are already attracting students as workers apply the finishing touches

“Right now, we have six students that haven’t checked in. I already have students coming in and wondering how they get in this dorm. If those six students don’t show up we will have no problem filling those rooms,” said Ashcroft.

Residence floors of the dorm include wider hallways to help give an open community feel and rooms were completed with laminate hardwood floors. Each floor’s lounge features a flat screen TV and laundry area. Students will even be able to get alerts on their phone telling them when the washer or dryer is available.

“It feels like living in a hotel. You walk down the hallways and everyone is friendly,” said Meyers.

Snyamncut will be completed the end of October and will have an official opening ceremony.