University Honored with Six CASE Awards

Storytelling a key component to EWU’s 2013 CASE Awards victories

By Aascot Holt, Staff Writer

Eastern Washington University held its own against more than 130 colleges and universities this February, winning six awards at the 2013 District VIII Council for Advancement and Support of Education Awards.

EWU won one gold, two silver and three bronze awards across four categories.


Entry Title: DiscoverE Magazine, Category: Fundraising, Special Event & Other Communications


Entry Title: EWU Admissions: Love Your University, Category: Alumni and Student Communications

Entry Title: Pillars, Category: Websites


Entry Title: President’s Annual Report, Category: Fundraising, Special Event & Other Communications

Entry Title: Red Turf Airport Display, Category: Projects & Programs

Entry Title: Alumni Awards Gala, Category: Projects & Programs

The Director of EWU’s marketing and communications department, Teresa Conway, attributed the university’s success in the Council for Advancement and Support of Education awards this year to the university’s unique and special stories that were featured in the winning documents.

Each document the marketing and communications department publishes is made in collaboration with its respective related departments. Conway specifically noted that Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Research, Academic Planning and Evaluation Ron Dalla was pivotal in the creation of the gold-winning DiscoverE annual magazine.

DiscoverE focuses on “how we [at EWU] are helping people and making the world a better place.” It features work from many departments, but the most intriguing projects came from the physical education department this year. Jeni McNeal is featured for her work with Olympic athletes. Jon Hammermeister is featured for his work with the Army, creating a new mental health test for new and returning soldiers. “We do the best that we can on as tight of a budget as we can just to tell the story about Eastern,” said Conway.

Conway said that winning the awards proves that EWU can stand up to anyone — regardless of EWU’s disadvantages of not being a research university, not having a large student population and not having bundles of funding. “When we can put our work up against all those other schools … and they come back saying, ‘Hey, we think your work is worthy and deserving of recognition,’ I think it tells people that we have a really good thing going here,” said Conway.

The marketing and communications department is already beginning work on next year’s documents. “I’m sure there are a ton of great stories on campus that we don’t even know about that just need to be uncovered,” said Conway.

If any student or faculty member would like to contribute their story, contact Dave Meany at (509) 459-6335 or [email protected].

Image courtesy of Eastern 24/7.