S&A Fee Committee allocates 2013-2014 funds

S&A Fee Committee allocates 2013-2014 funds

By Aascot Holt, Staff Writer

First Published 3/20/2013

For the 2012-2013 academic year, the Services and Activities Fee budget totaled $5,067,337.

The purpose of the Services and Activities Fee committee is to create an annual recommended budget for dozens of student-centric programs and groups across campus. This includes band, theater, childcare, athletics, EPIC Adventures and Outfitters and the Easterner.

The committee begins its session each December and meets on a weekly basis until the budget has been allocated and all budgeting issues have been resolved. After months of deliberation, the final budget is presented to the board of trustees of the university for approval. The recommended budget details how funds collected through the services and activities fee should be spent. The total budget fluctuates from year to year as student enrollment fluctuates.

Aside from basic information, there are four questions on the application to be a voting member of the Services and Activities Fee committee. They ask what applicants are interested in as a part of the committee, what skills and ideas they can bring to the committee, their goals as a member of the committee and what prior applicable experience they may have. There is no minimum GPA requirement, though good standing with the university is recommended and must be reported as a part of the application.

Michele Munson, a non-voting faculty member of the Services and Activities Fee committee, recommends that the committee be varied in as many ways as possible in order to get the best representation of the student population. She said it is important to be comfortable asking lots of questions and speaking up when important decisions are being made.

“I think an excellent committee member would be genuinely interested in making sure that as many student views are considered as possible. And one who would not be afraid to speak their mind,” said Munson.

Munson said there is not a specific skill set or background they are looking for, as it would negatively impact the decisions made by the committee and the voice of the students would be skewed. She said, “This year, for instance, we have students majoring in English, psychology, special education and business.  [They have] all come from diverse backgrounds. Some live on campus, some in Cheney and some in Spokane. An overall desire and willingness to commit a sufficient amount of time and to be a good steward of student dollars is what is most important.”

Any continuing EWU student can apply to become a member of the Services and Activities Fee committee next year. Students who through the screening process may be recommended by the ASEWU. Then the applications are reviewed by the vice president of student affairs, and given to the university president for him to make the final decision and appoint students.

All Services and Activities Fee committee meetings are open to the public. Meetings this quarter are held every Wednesday from 4 to 5 p.m. in PUB 307. The meeting time and place may change as schedules are altered to cater to student members each quarter.

For more information of getting involved with the Services and Activities Fee committee, contact Michele Munson at 509-359-7852 or [email protected].