Cheap Valentine’s Day date around the town

By Al Stover, Eagle Life Editor

Illustration by Vania Tauvela
Illustration by Vania Tauvela


Valentine’s Day is a time when many couples get together and spend the evening on a date.

The date will usually consist of activities including an expensive dinner or a late-night movie. However, the holiday does not have to be exclusive to just romantic couples. Groups of friends can enjoy the holiday and have a good time without the need to make it romantic.

Here is one way a group of friends can have a good Valentine’s Day with each member only having to spend $20.

To start off the night, the group could take a trip to Rosa’s Pizza to bowl. The trip to Rosa’s is an 18-minute walk from campus. To pass the time on the way, the group could play several rounds of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” Although the walk takes some time, the group has not spent one dime.



Seconds after entering the bowling alley, have one of the group members scout and find the closest open lane as there will be league bowlers and others who will try and maximize their bowling time.

Once a lane is open, everyone should purchase two games, each costing $1.50.



Also do not forget to rent a pair of shoes for $1.75



Although two games may not seem like much, playing with four people will eat up some time.

The walk from Rosa’s to downtown Cheney should take just as long. If the group is tired of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game, another activity would be to take pictures of different Cheney buildings with their phones as they get closer to their destination. If they are thirsty, they should stop at the Taj and get a bottle of water for 99 cents plus tax.



When the group reaches downtown Cheney, the group should get some food. They should go to Loco Dogz and get a regular loco with ketchup, mustard, chopped onion and sweet pickle relish for $3.50 plus tax. For a drink, it is best just to drink water.



After dinner, there are three different bars that are open. The group could go to Eagles Pub where two members of the group could share a $6 pitcher of Rolling Rock pale lager for $3 each. If the group is feeling brave, they could also try the pub’s mystery beer.
Once the group gets their pitcher they should march to the next room and shoot a round of pool.

Note if there are any minors in the group, money could be saved by just buying water or soda.



Once the group is finished at the pub, the group should go outside and sober up by doing a sing-along. This can be anything from an acapella version of “Everybody” by Backstreet Boys to a loud rendition of “Hold My Hand” by Hootie and the Blowfish, or maybe even a romantic melody of The Jackson 5’s “I’ll be there.”  The group may even earn a little bit of change from any pedestrians who by.


$7.41 (If money was earned by the singing or saved by not drinking alcohol, adjust total.)

Next, the group should walk over to the Basement to play trivia, which starts at 9:30 p.m. Two people should order a domestic pitcher for $7 and split it for $3.50 each.



Using phones during the trivia is prohibited, but there might be ways to hide it.



One way to end the night is to grab some coffee. Unfortunately, the closest places with coffee that are open are the Taj or Zips. At this point of the night, Zips would most likely have the fresher coffee, which is on sale for $1.85 a cup. On the way to Zips the group could play a game of 20 questions. Once they arrive at the restaurant the friends should sit in a booth and end the night with fun conversation.



As for the rest of the evening, the group can finish it in any manner they see fit.

They can spend the remainder of the money on food, drinks.

They can also go back to someone’s house and watch movies like “The Princess Bride” or “Groundhog Day.”


Other activities for Valentine’s Day

Acapella group
Form a group to go around to different restaurants to sing to the customers. Do not be afraid to take audience requests and make sure it is okay with the restaurant owner first.

Pink for the day
Wear everything with pink on it. Eat something pink for every meal. Watch “Pretty in Pink” at home. Listen to some Pink Floyd on your way to class.

Valentine’s Day cards
Buy some of the small Valentine’s Day cards from the store or make your own. Give them to your friends, your teachers and people you have never met.