How Flexible is your FLEX

By Jasmine Kemp, Eagle Life Writer

How Flexible is your FLEX

EagleFlex stretches throughout Cheney

by Jasmine Kemp and Evan Sykes
For the Easterner
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When a student gets an Eagle Card for the first time, that student is also handed a brochure filled with locations on and off campus that take EagleFlex.

EagleFlex is the monetary system Eastern uses for items such as supplies for class, books and food. It is the closest thing to having a debit card minus a pin number and the ability to load money from an online account.

The Flex system is accepted campuswide, aside from Thomas Hammer, and off campus at certain locations in downtown Cheney. The program was originally started to help promote support for Cheney businesses, according to LeeAnn Case, associate vice president of Auxiliary & Business Services.

“What we do when someone comes to us is we refer them to a merchant who already uses EagleFlex,” Kirsten Bettcher, assistant Dining Services director, said. “That way they can discuss with each other what it’s like.”

The purpose of the EagleFlex program, Bettcher said, is to get merchants talking with each other to make sure their businesses are successful.

Businesses like The Mason Jar, a bistro which is a relatively new addition to Cheney, has started accepting EagleFlex.

Danielle LaBar, who works at The Mason Jar, was used to the idea of the Eagle Card and EagleFlex as a student at Eastern. She said that because of her experience with EagleFlex, it took little consulting to decide to use the system for the bistro.

“It lets us be more accessible to students primarily living on campus, so it gives them a chance to be able to come in and enjoy our food,” she said.


  • Subway
  • Carl’s Jr.
  • Zip’s Drive-In
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Rosa’s Pizza
  • Corona Village
  • El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant
  • Loco Dogz
  • Palenque Mexican Restaurant
  • Hajjer’s Kitchen
  • Rokko’s Teriyaki


  • Red Rooster Coffee, Inc.
  • The Mason Jar
  • Perry St. Cafe

Self-Care Locations:

  • A Creative Touch
  • Great Clips
  • Imperial Styling
  • Twisted Hair and Tanning
  • University Cutz
  • Vision Haus

Food/Drug Locations:

  • Cheney Chevron
  • Owl Pharmacy
  • Mitchell’s Harvest Foods


13% of off-campus venues are food/drug businesses.
13% of off-campus venues are cafes.
13% of off-campus venues are health/self-care businesses.
13% of off-campus venues are restaurants.