Dead week has a life of its own

By Amy Meyer, Editor-in-Chief

  1. It’s that time of the quarter. You know, when everything that you’ve procrastinated is due and finals loom on the horizon of next week. Traditionally, dead week is the time when no new concepts are introduced and instructors review for upcoming tests. According to USA Today College, that trend is a’changing.
  2. BijanHosseini
    It’s about this time of the school year when food becomes unnecessary and my body relies on coffee to function. #DeadWeek
  3. For whatever reason, we feel the heavy press of the quarter during this week. Everything is due, it seems. It is that time of the quarter that we salute the front-loading instructor, who stood by early deadlines; suddenly, all that makes sense.
  4. BrettRickord
    Am I the only one who isn’t stressing over finals??? It seems like everyone is spending their entire day in the library during #deadweek
  5. ZachStroth
    This freshman was talking about how she can’t wait for #DeadWeek cause it’ll be so relaxing. #YoullSeeLittleOne…you’ll see
  6. Some students, like The Easterner’s page designing Kristie Hsin, use humor to cope with the stress.
  7. Finals suck. Simple as that. #deadweek #4finalstogo
  8. #wisewordswednesday? #deadweek #grumpycat
  9. Others rely on the love and care of others.
  10. ErinMcFall
    My sweet parents got me a study basket! I wasn’t expecting that at all!!! #happyday #deadweek
  11. CULC studying and people leave awesome notes to brighten your day! #culc #DFTBA #deadweek
  12. alli_mcneil
    my RA posted on fb that theres cake in our lobby 2 minutes ago. i am about done with my piece already #loving #deadweek
  13. Others give in to the nuttiness. We salute you
  14. shelly_benton
    Find an empty classroom in the LC to dance in by myself so I can stay awake enough to finish this paper, check. #nextstopasylum #deadweek
  15. Michelle___Bell
    Jamming to I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan. The ultimate motivation #deadweek
  16. Folks in Canada break out the puppies. Yes, a puppy room at school. Sign me up for that. All the fun and play and then you get to walk away.
  17. Others resort to desperate measures:
  18. taylor_bucholtz
    It’s official…just emailed my professor offering a car wash to boost my grade #deadweek #desperate
  19. And still others find myriads of things to do other than study, like make Storify collections of deadweek.
  20. OhHilaryClaire
    Things I would rather do than this project: listen to nickelback covers of t-swift songs, eat a caterpillar, learn Klingon. #deadweek
  21. Ugh. Back to work. I still have a history final and a miniature model of a 20-foot by 30-foot trade show exhibition.But if you have clever or funny #deadweek things to share, like the examples above, please leave me a note below. I could always go for a study break.