Laundry feature will come at unknown cost

By Teri Simpson, Staff Writer

The cost of the experimental system Laundry Alert  is not being disclosed by Hainsworth Laundry, the long term partner with EWU Housing and Residential Life.
This quarter, the cost is being absorbed by Hainsworth Laundry as “an investment with our relationship with Eastern,” said company owner Jason Hainsworth. If it is successful and is installed into other buildings on campus, the “cost for students will be very low… about 50 cents to $1.00 per student,” Hainsworth said.
According to Toni Taylor, director of Housing Operations, this program is free to students this quarter, and if it is received well by students then there will be a financial analysis of the system.
Dressler Hall’s laundry room has a trial system that alerts residents when laundry is ready and shows which ones are available for use.
“It is a fun and convenient feature for students, but you can still do the laundry without using the laundry alert system.”
Dressler was chosen to be the hall that tried this system because all the machines are on the bottom of Dressler Hall. Laundry Alert is now on the current residents page on EWU access, with a link to show the current status of the machines available for use, wait time and repair request options.The website offers a “let me know” option to receive text or email notifications that the laundry is ready to be changed.
Students in Dressler have not known of this system, as it was implemented the Thursday before classes started.
When asked about the benefits of the new system in Dressler’s laundry room, students were enthusiastic. “I live on the 10th floor. I could get stuff done upstairs and not have to come down [to check on the laundry],” said resident Hailey Hamilton.
Other benefits of connecting the internet to the laundry room’s machines’ computer board is a new Wi-Fi hotspot at the bottom of Dressler Hall.
“It is a cooperative effort between Eastern and Hainsworth Laundry. We’re really grateful for the electricians and IT departments help to install the system,” Hainsworth said.