Bike to Work Week: Fun and Sustainable Commuting


Sustainability Office Coordinator Erik Busberg and EPIC Bike Shop Member, Nathan Meyer. The Sustainabillity Office and EPIC Bike Shop teamed up to promote environmentally-friendly commuting options | Kelsey Magnuson for The Easterner

By Kelsey Magnuson, Contributor

The EPIC bike shop and EWU Sustainability are teaming up this week to promote fun and environment-friendly commuting options by providing free bike rentals and events for students.

If you’ve ever wanted to give bike commuting a try, there’s no better time than Bike to Work Day, or in EWU’s case, Bike to Work Week, happening from May 14-18.

EWU Sustainability and the bike shop will hold events daily to provide students with information about bicycles and local bike routes.

Sustainability Coordinator Erik Budsberg finds alternative methods to get to EWU from Spokane every day, biking most days or busing when the weather is bad.

“Biking is an efficient and fun way to get to campus,”Budsberg said. “Other than purchasing a bike, it is free to pedal and park on campus. You can park your bike right next to your class or office, and save time by not walking from your car out in the free parking lot. Additionally if you bike you’ll get good exercise and reduce your environmental impact.”

Knowing where to start is sometimes the hardest part of getting into bike commuting. It’s often best to visit a local bike shop to determine what kind of bicycle and features fit each rider’s style and needs when choosing a bike.

If online research is your preferred method, REI has a comprehensive bicycle buying guide that can be found at:

Bike shops and Facebook Marketplace are often good places to look for affordable used bikes. Red Bull provides a helpful guide on picking the best used bike for your buck at

Before you get biking, there are a few things to think about. First, you want to make sure your bike and rider are road-ready, and that you have the proper gear, such as a helmet, lights, lock, clothing that protects you from the elements and a good bike tool.

“Make a habit of checking both tires before each bike ride, always wear a helmet (even if biking for a short distance), use proper signals if riding on a road with cars and get an appropriate seat to maintain proper posture,” Budsberg said.

Students can learn more about local bike routes in Cheney and participate in a campus scavenger hunt at 3 p.m. at the EPIC bike shop in the Phase building over the next few days.

“The Tuesday bike rides will feature safe places to ride and the best routes, and the Wednesday Wetlands ride will take students out by the waste water treatment plant,” Nathan Meyer of the EPIC bike shop said.

Students can bring their own bikes or take advantage of the free rentals from the bike shop.

EPIC Members and sustainability office member at the Campus Mall. Members informed students on local Cheney bike routes | Kelsey Magnuson for The Easterner

Students from Spokane wanting to participate in Bike to Work Day Friday can meet Erik Budsberg or Nigel Davies at 7 a.m. at the Fish Lake trailhead.  

On top of Bike to Work Week, the Sustainability club has come up with many creative ways to encourage Eagles to be more environmentally conscious, from replacing outdated recycling posters to establishing  monthly challenges for students and faculty that promote waste reduction and recycling.

“We are encouraging students and faculty to bike to EWU for five days instead of riding a car to accomplish decreased greenhouse emissions, increased exercise and free parking spaces,” Sustainability Club vice president Seth Cook said.

Students looking for more information on Bike to Work Week and sustainability opportunities can check out the EWU Sustainability Facebook page.