Screamin’ Ink seeks to buck tattoo shop stereotype


Owner Brynn Potts-Thorne’s personal tattooing space is inspired by the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop in Seattle. Potts-Thorne has been tattooing professionally for six years and has owned Screamin’ Ink for the last two years | Photo courtesy of Brynn Potts-Thorne

By Sam Jackson, Reporter

Screamin’ Ink is a bustling, high-traffic tattoo shop whose goal is to give good customer service and maintain competitive prices.

The shop is currently owned by artist Brynn Potts-Thorne, who has been tattooing professionally for six years and has owned Screamin’ Ink for the last two years after buying it from a good friend. Potts-Thorne describes the experience of owning the shop as exciting and doing pretty well, considering they stay very busy. There are four permanent artists, including Potts-Thorne, that work at Screamin’ Ink, while the previous owner guest spots there whenever he is in town. With that many hands on deck they are always welcoming new customers and walk-ins.

For the first time ever, the artists at the shop will be offering a special for Valentine’s Day, also considered as the anti-Valentine’s Day special of $20 tattoos.

“We have a sheet of kind of love and anti-love flash and you can choose a tattoo off of that flash at the size that it’s shown, you can pick a color too …,” said Potts-Thorne. “It’s essentially the Friday the 13th special, only we’re kind of doing love sucks.”

The vibe of the shop is considered laid back with a large age variation of clients.

“We have clients that bring their kids, we just want to be a nice clean open environment to kind of get away from that dark atmosphere,” Potts-Thorne said.

Potts-Thorne’s personal tattooing space is filled with oddities, inspired by the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop in Seattle.

“I really like fossils and skulls, just like things that are kind of weird and interesting but still make you a little bit uncomfortable,” said Potts-Thorne. “Most people enjoy it, they like that there’s so much to look at. Some people sit here for four or five hours, so they enjoy having lots of stuff to spark a conversation and look at …”

The shop has one of the lowest minimums in town of $50 and an hourly rate of $100.

“We like to make sure people feel like they’re getting a good price,” Potts-Thorne said.

As far as making an appointment, the shop has an open line of communication. Besides walking in or calling the shop while they are open, clients are encouraged to message their Facebook account because it goes straight to their phones even when they are not there.

“This is just a place where everybody is welcomed and we really try to push our customer service to make everybody feel like they’re important to us, because they are,” Potts-Thorne said.

Screamin’ Ink is located at 6518 N Nevada St. in Spokane and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.