Experimental Writer Lily Hoang Comes to Spokane

By Kristi Lucchetta, Contributing Writer

Lily Hoang, an experimental fiction writer, will be speaking in Spokane on Jan. 22 at Auntie’s Bookstore at 7:30 p.m.

Hoang has published four books. These include “Unfinished,” “The Evolutionary Revolution,” “Changing” and “Parabola.” She has also won a Chiasmus Press “Un-Doing the Novel” contest in 2006 and was a contestant for a PEN Beyond Margins Award.

Her debut novel was “Parabola,” published in 2008, which traces modern day mythologies, combines photographs, mathematical formulas, and interactive IQ personality and psychology tests.

She obtained her Master of Fine Arts degree in prose from the University of Notre Dame in 2006. Since then she has taught English courses around the country. She is currently an English instructor at New Mexico State University in the MFA program.

The goal Hoang hopes to reach while teaching is to introduce students to new forms of fiction while grounding them in the canon and preparing them for challenges that will come with being an active member of the writing community.

Hoang’s interests in narrative range from conceptual experimentation to traditional short stories. Since she began teaching, she stated in a 2014 interview with Black Warrior Review that it has changed her approach to experimental writing.

Patrick Russell, an engineering student at Eastern Washington University, said he has never heard of experimental fiction. “I would be interested to learn more about it, it sounds like a type of fiction science majors might actually enjoy,” Patrick said.

Hoang is in talks to begin working on a trilogy of fairy tale novels, but currently there is no update on those yet, according to the EWU Get Lit! Program website.

The visiting writer event is part of the EWU Get Lit! Programs and Inland Northwest Center for Writers Visiting Writer Series.