Move, clique, get out the way

By Sam Deal, Opinion Editor

Campus etiquette is a thing, please respect it or I will push you while I’m trying to get to class.

Navigating campus is an art form and just because you haven’t quite figured that out doesn’t mean you should look like a first year at Hogwarts, ruining the rush for the rest of us. If you have a one of those cute little red I LIVE ON CAMPUS lanyards, I’m talking to you.

There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck behind a group of students who walk around like a high school clique, blabbering away so loudly that it is audible through the headphones that routinely make my ears bleed.

As shocking as it is there are more people in this world than you.

All right, now that the angry rant part of this is over, we can go over a few things to make this whole experience smoother for everyone.

Please don’t yell to your friend across the mall. For one thing they aren’t going to hear you and no doubt, you are gleeking on someone. Secondly, every single person around you is so mad about the entire situation, mostly because we all did it once too and later realized that a little part of us died in that moment.

After a few spins and blank stares your friend finally discovers where they distantly hear their name being called from. Together you decide to walk to the library to study.

Unfortunately, on your way there, someone in a dark hoodie who is face deep in their phone, walking on the left side of the sidewalk, splits the two of you apart rather than walking around and avoiding the angry double take they are about to receive.

Now that you’ve regrouped at the base of the library steps please, please don’t stop half way up, because you run into three cuties that you are going to be hanging out this week.

Simply saying “hello” and continuing on your way is more than enough interaction to confirm that texts will be exchanged Friday night.

Those steps, especially in winter, are very cluttered and no one wants to be the late person for library day of class.

I could go on and on with etiquette infractions that are committed regularly on campus but I’ll just stick with these three major ones for now. I routinely catch myself inconvenienced by one of the three situations described above, but if they were to occur on a less than daily basis everyone’s commute through campus would be much more enjoyable.