Yik Yak app gaining popularity at Eastern


By Ayanna Fernandez, Staff Writer

Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other common social networks, Yik Yak is becoming a way for students to converse with each other at Eastern.

Yik Yak is a mobile application that is available to both apple and androids phone users.

Freshman Kendall Calvert said the social network is similar to Twitter and uses the social network herself.

“Yik Yak is basically an anonymous Twitter,” said Calvert. “People just post whatever they want to on there.”

The social network shows a timeline of Yaks that have been posted by other users within the vicinity of the user’s geographic area. Yaks are posted anonymously and can be “upvoted” or “downvoted” by other users.

Yik Yak does show the general radius of a user after they post, but does not show the exact location. This function can be disabled if a user does not want their location known.

At Eastern, Yik Yak seems to be very popular among the lower classmen, particularly the freshmen.

“It’s a way to talk to everyone on campus,” said Calvet.

Sophomore Desean Dean said he is well-aware that a lot of freshmen use the social network, and he knows why.

“It’s their way of communicating with each other,” Dean said. “Like, ‘Where’s the party at?’ That’s what I have noticed.”

Like any other social networking site, Yik Yak has its pros and cons.

Freshman Brandi Griffin said the most common downfall of the social networking site is the obvious: Not knowing who a user is conversing with.

In Griffin’s opinion, sometimes the things people post go too far and she is not the only one who feels that way.

Dean has seen some racist comments posted and Calvert has seen inappropriate comments posted about other peoples’ personal lives.

However, the network has its pros too, one being its pranking ability and constant humor.

“It’s funny because people just post the most ridiculous things on there,” said Calvert. “Like confessions or things they do. Like they hit on random people they don’t know. People post lies on it like, ‘Room blah is having a party,’ and people randomly show up there.”

Dean said if there is one thing he takes away from Yik Yak, it is laughter.

“There is just some funny stuff on there,” said Dean. “That’s all I get from it.”