Free parking in designated areas


Photo by: Aaron Malmoe Marauder motorcycle parked in the lot between Hargreaves and Isle Hall.

Photo by: Aaron Malmoe
Marauder motorcycle parked in the lot between Hargreaves and Isle Hall.

By Jake Kershinar

staff writer

[email protected]

As the school year moves further along through spring quarter, many have begun riding their motorcycles to campus.

During spring quarter, the number of motorcycles on campus increases, according to Director of Parking Services Greg Dempsey, and parking for motorcycles is free in designated areas.

“If someone is [riding a motorcycle] and they already have a car permit, then it’s just $2 for the motorcycle permit to cover the cost of the permit itself,” Dempsey said. “What we do sometimes, as a courtesy to motorcycle users, is allow them to park in dead spaces where we can’t really put a car; and those areas would be free.”

Because most motorcycle users will park in the designated areas, not many motorcycle permits are sold.

Dempsey said that only about four or five permits had been distributed this quarter, but that the number usually picks up in the summer. He also said that people with car permits who sometimes ride motorcycles to campus will purchase permit stickers that allow them to park in whatever lot they have a permit for.

Dempsey said that the alternative permits allow riders to park their motorcycles where they regularly park their cars rather than being limited to motorcycle parking. He added that the permits cost the same because the full-sized vehicle space is still being filled. However, riders are guaranteed a parking spot. Because permits cost approximately $170 a year, according to the parking services office, those who decide against a parking pass for the warmer quarters end up saving themselves approximately $60 a quarter.

Dempsey said that the employees at parking services let those who ask for motorcycle permits know that they may not need them.

“People will come in here to buy a permit and then we share that information with them that there is free parking for motorcycles,” he said.

Dempsey also noted that the same rules for the motorcycles apply to motorized scooters and mo-peds.

Junior Trevor Walker is one of the few students riding a motorcycle daily to school and has been taking advantage of the free spots.

“I don’t have a permit because I just park in the designated spots,” Walker said. “This is my only mode of transportation. My car is in the shop right now, so [riding my motorcycle] has been saving me money.”

Walker said that during the winter, when he could not ride his motorcycle, he would either take the bus or get friends to give him rides in their cars, which has proven to be an economic benefit.

EWU mail carrier Greg Sanders drives his 2004 Honda Goldwing to campus about three times a week and has a parking permit for his car along with a $2 motorcycle permit sticker.

“I got the sticker because that bike is worth $20,000 to $23,000 and I don’t like parking three blocks away,” said Sanders. “I normally park in [the] Hargraves [lot]. If my girlfriend is not on campus with the car and I’m on the bike then I can park in any slot.”

While Sanders is not thinking about saving on permit money, he said riding his motorcycle to campus saved money on gas, compared to his car.

“You’re talking 40 to 45 [miles per gallon] on a motorcycle versus 18 to 22 on the car,” Sanders said. “So it saves almost half [on the bill]. That [motorcycle] is my toy, so whenever I can I’m going for a ride.”