Letter to the Editor: Stop the glorification of violent criminals

Editor’s note: These letters to the editor were submitted by EWU Spanish 305 classes.
They are presented in both English and Spanish in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

Nota del editor: Estas cartas al editor fueron presentadas por clases 305 españoles de EWU.
Se presentan tanto en Inglés y Español en honor del Cinco de Mayo.

It’s time to stop honoring the criminals.

When the thugs bring down buildings or set off poison in the subways or set off bombs in public places, we give them the honorifics “enemy combatants” and “terrorists.” Yes, they do cause terror. But they do not deserve titles which give them validation. It is important to catch the bad guys and it is time to call them what they are: criminals and thugs no better than the gangs of the 1930s who drove by shooting anyone in the way of their guns.

Marie Morill