ASEWU Graduate Affairs 2013 Candidates





Name: Samantha Frank

Position: Graduate Affairs

What do you want to accomplish?

 “I hope to accomplish reaching out to the graduate students and letting them know that someone is there to help them.”

Why did you decide to run?

 “I wanted to be more involved on campus, and I feel like this year I focused on my studies, which is great, but as an [undergraduate], I was a lot more involved and that was really fun. I think this is a great opportunity and I can expand my horizons.”

What do you want to change?

 “I hope to change the lack of motivation for graduate students to get involved on campus. There’s a lot of activities on campus for students, and I think [graduate] students tend to forget about them. So I hope to just reach out and say, ‘Hey look, there’s this event going on, and I know that you have really busy lives, but come and check it out and take some free time.’”


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The Easterner does not endorse any specific candidate for any position in the ASEWU. Candidates are presented alphabetically by position. Candidate statements have been edited in accordance with the Associated Press Stylebook to reflect the requirements of content in The Easterner. Names and positions for diversity outreach candidates Shanakia K. Porter and Doran J.D. Williams and student health and safety services candidate Muzit Kiflai provided by ASEWU Public Relations Specialist Frank McNeilly.