The Easterner at ACP San Francisco 2013

  1.           Jane the consumate newsy kicks off the tweets.
  2.           A little field user observation right out of the gate.
  3.           Awesome feedback and encouragement.
  4.           Soooo, while the cats away….
  5. Breaking news: we have learned that the guys at @EasternerOnline practice yoga when the girls are away. @easterner_eaglelife
  6. The session hasn’t started yet and @christiansenGA has already given me tips to help @EasternerOnline embed problem on WordPress. #ACPsf
  7. @AmyAMeyer and @JTobiasNeely are on the panel for reporting on sensitive issues. #acpsf #journalism #EWU
  1. Some of the @EasternerOnline crew at multi-platform investigations #ACPsf.
  2.           Okay, we’re at this great little lunch spot and Amy gets a text, she jumps back in her chair, her eyes pop open and her jaw drops. Now we are wondering if everything is alright. Amy starts stammering and babbling and finally gets out something about her phones messing up. Then she says “I think we won best of show for the web site.” She quickly followed with proclamations about checking her facts.
  3. RT @JournalistaJane: @AmyAMeyer is thrilled. @EasternerOnline won 1st place for the best website #acpsf #sanfrancisco
  4.           As the news breaks our reporters do what they do best.
  5.           A glimpse at the competitions success.
  6. RT @jenvald: The Orion wins first place in ACP Best of Show! @theorion_news #acpsf
  7. Whoot! @RommelConclara Good news for you: This just won Best of Show at #acpsf! @theskylineview
  8.           Which one did Danny, Jesse and Joey live in?