Accuracy police gets kicked out of the party.

Pete gets blocked by Spokane P.D.

  1. It all began with a police report that mentioned a suspect’s name. Only the name was not spelled consistently.
  2. Senior Reporter Peter Sowards caught the mistake and tweeted the agency.
  3. He did some double-checking and tweeted again.
  4. But when he checked the SpokanePD Twitter account, he found that he’d been blocked.
  5. @kxly4news Here’s what I get when I try to re-follow @SpokanePD
  6. @kxly4news @SpokanePD hopefully. They blocked me after i sent them that initial tweet.
  7. [email protected] blocked you after you mentioned poss. error? MT @PeterSowards: hopefully. They blocked me after i sent them that initial tweet.
  8. @Martha_Kang Student journalist @ EWU tweeted typo in Spokane Police press release. After he mentioned it @SpokanePD blocked him?
  9. @PeterSowards No one corrects @spokanepd‘s twitter feed and gets away with it!!! You’re lucky you’re not in jail. #protectandserve
  10. @SergeantRob @petersowards Maybe it was a misfire? @spokanepd pressed wrong button? Easy to do on phone in a rush.
  11. @PeterSowards @Martha_Kang Suggestion: Call PIO, ask why you were blocked, ask for access. If you don’t get response, write letter to chief
  12. @PeterSowards @Martha_Kang @SergeantRob didn’t mean to block u sorry! We’re always open to constructive criticism.
  13. [email protected] Your release is still incorrect. You have perp’s last name as McVickers once, McVicker 3x. Which is it??…
  14. @Martha_Kang @SergeantRob didnt have to call, i bet they were just reading their mentions 🙂
  15. @PeterSowards it is McVicker. I hope this helps. Thanks for your patience. Take care