The Spokane Symphony strike has ended


  1. JournalistaJane
    “If you get an agreement that no one is happy with you did a good job because everyone had to give up something.” -Peter Moye #sso #EWU
  2. #sso Board President Peter Moye answers questions and draws press conference to a close #EWU
  3. Adam Wallstein addresses the press regarding new contract agreement and the return of #sso musicians #EWU
  4. JournalistaJane
    Core musician Adam Wallstein says musicians legally bound not to strike again in next two years #sso #EWU
  5. TheInlander
    The Spokane Symphony strike is over and the Nutcracker is on. Here’s the good news and the bad news of the ordeal.
  6. SpokaneWANews
    UPDATE: Spokane Symphony & Fox Theater Reach Agreement: UPDATE: The Spokane Symphony Musicians and Board of Dire…
  7. EasternerOnline
    RT @JournalistaJane: Spokane Symphony musicians will return to the stage for The Nutcracker Dec. 6-9 at The Fox #sso #EWU
  8. JournalistaJane
    Spokane Symphony musicians will return to the stage for The Nutcracker Dec. 6-9 at The Fox #sso #EWU
  9. EasternerOnline
    News editor Jane Martin is covering the Spokane Symphony press conference.
  10. TheInlander
    The Spokane Symphony administration and musicians have reached a deal, ending the strike. More details coming shortly.
  11. JournalistaJane
    New #sso contract compromised for three weeks unrestricted leave, 11% pay cut for core musicians #EWU @EasternerOnline
  12. JournalistaJane
    2 year #sso contract guarantees 160 rehearsals and performances per year for core musicians. #EWU @EasternerOnline
  13. adamjmcdaniel
    RT @krem2: BREAKING RT @BreannaRoy: The Spokane Symphony just announced it reached an agreement with musicians, settling a four-week strike.
  14. Here is the scene at the joint announcement between the Spokane Symphony and its musicians
  15. JournalistaJane
    An agreement has been reached between the Spokane Symphony and @MusSpokaneSym. More details to follow #sso #EWU @EasternerOnline
  16. larkster_Erin
    RT @spokanejournal: Symphony, musicians holding joint press conference Tuesday afternoon: The Spokane Symphony and symphony musicians…
  17. SPRlocalnews
    @spokanesymphony and Musicians of the Spokane Symphony are making a joint announcement today at 2:00.
  18. KXLY4NewsFeed
    Symphony, musicians holding joint press conference Tuesday afternoon
  19. SergeantRob
    Strike over? Symphony, musicians to hold joint press conference 2 p.m. @ The Fox | Full story @
  20. patbass00
    RT @KHQChelseaKopta: The strike of the Spokane Symphony isn’t just hitting a sour note with music lovers. The strike is hurting local…
  21. MusSpokaneSym
    A glimpse at life as a Spokane Symphony musician….
  22. SeattleCP
    New talks to end symphony strike: The management and musicians of the Spokane Symphony will return to the bargaining…