ASEWU: Dining services, projects on table

ASEWU: Dining services, projects on table

ASEWU members met in the PUB’s Fireside Lounge Oct. 24 for their second council meeting of the month. Members went over individual reports of meetings, projects and issues they have been working on.

Standing President Becca Harrell discussed a project ASEWU is working on with a Gonzaga student named Baden Fox.

“[He’s] interested in using ASEWU for a project on communication. So what he’s going to do is survey our communication internally and externally, which is actually pretty cool,” Harrell said. Fox will be examining how ASEWU members communicate with each other, which Harrell feels will benefit them. “We get an idea of how we’re communicating, and it’s really good for him too because it works for him for his project.”

Harrell has also been working on the PUB remodel with LeeAnn Case of Auxiliary and Business Services.

“We were able to talk about the PUB remodel a little bit more, which is a big goal of ASEWU this year,” Harrell said. “A couple years back, the vice president, Stacey Butler, started working on it, and she actually had drafts planned for it, so I’m going to sit down, as well as Justin [Filla] and LeeAnn, with the architect who worked on it … so we can see what the plan was before and where we can go from it. We’re really excited to get this project started,” Harrell said.

One issue Standing Executive Vice President Justin Filla has been busy with is working with the Food Service Committee. He recently met with them for the first time.

“We were able to talk about some of the challenges some of the dining locations face. It seems like some of the bigger challenges were with Tawanka, and trying to get students there,” Filla said.

Dining services in Tawanka currently see about a third of the students that Baldy’s and The Roost see during the same time, according to Filla’s monthly report. They also feel students do not easily see what events they have and what sort of deals are going on, so they want student input on how to combat those issues.

Kylie Chapman of Academic Affairs has been working with Dr. Colin Ormsby, interim vice provost for undergraduate affairs, on a proposal for increased library hours. They are putting together a student survey to find out what hours they would be most likely to use library facilities.

She has also been working with library staff to make improvements at the Learning Commons, regarding student suggestions about noise and space issues.

Shelby Pelon of Legislative Affairs discussed the success of Rock the Vote, in which they registered 671 voters total. The next project she is working on is called Get Out the Vote.

“Earlier we did a huge voter registration drive, but our job is not yet done,” Pelon said. “Now we have to actually make sure students actually voted. So we’ll be calling students around the state just to make sure that they got their ballots in. … and to let them know where on the different campuses they can actually drop off their ballot.”