EWU cybersecurity receives funding




By Isaiah Gessner, Co-Managing Editor

This article acts as an update to our “Cyber security professor hopes to add new degrees for program” article which we posted on March 21. 

Professor Stu Steiner and the cybersecurity program at Eastern Washington University have gotten the funding that they were seeking from the state. 

Steiner went on to say that the funding will be used to “Help my research (wastewater treatment) and help build a very nice showpiece model that students can play with.” The model will help to introduce the importance of taking care of the wastewater and environment. 

According to Steiner, the money will also help to “Hire faculty to teach classes that have more direct experiences than I have.”

As a final note, Steiner went on to thank the legislature, dean, provost and president for the ability to fund the cybersecurity program.