Police Beat: Student cries for help at 3am

By Isaiah Gessner, Social Media Director

2/3/22 Fire Alarm(s) at Pearce Hall

On February 3rd, the Police reported that someone had pulled the fire alarm and ran off before they could be caught. A few days later on February 8th, someone else pulled the fire alarm in the dorm around 11 P.M. If you happen to know of anyone who did this, the Police encourage you to contact the local Cheney Department to prevent it from happening again. 


2/4/22 Suspicious Person At Hargreaves Hall

A suspicious person was reportedly seen roaming outside of Hargreaves Hall during the evening. There has been no follow up on the situation but the Police want to remain cautious. 


2/5/22 Female Heard Screaming For Help

A female was reportedly heard screaming “Help me!” near EWU’s campus around 3 A.M. After checking the area police were unable to find anyone who could confirm the situation after searching around the area. No other reports have been made yet.


2/9/22 Patterson Hall Staff Door Open

A Patterson Building staff door was reportedly open when the person came to check on it in the morning. Nothing was reportedly stolen but it remains an ongoing investigation. The custodian states that the door was indeed not left open by anyone when they left. This is being labeled as a suspicious circumstance.