Police Beat: Scents set off the fire alarm at Pierce….again.


A student was burning incense which set off the Pierce fire alarm.

By Isaiah Gessner, Social Media Director

1/15/22 Overdose Call in Synyamancut Dorm

A morning call was made to the EWU police when a person was seen presumably passed out in the Synyamancut dorm bathroom. According to police, this was potentially linked to alcohol poisoning. The person was taken to the hospital and confirmed to not be a student. 


1/15/22 Fire Alarm in Pearce Hall 

A fire alarm was triggered during the evening due to a student burning incense in Pearce Hall. There were no other issues and it was quickly resolved. 


1/18/22 Suspicious Circumstance in the Pence Union Building

A bullet was found on the ground in the Pence Union Building on campus. A group of females spotted it and ended up reaching out to police when they noticed what it was. The bullet was a live round but had a malfunction with it. According to police, there is no indication of a threat.


1/19/22 Cyberstalking Arrest 

A cyberstalking incident occurred between two people as one was to be found harassing the other across social media. According to police, probable cause was put into effect and the stalker ended up being arrested.