2021-22 ASEWU President Grace Nall Shares her thoughts on the upcoming school year


ASEWU President Grace Nall looks forward to the upcoming year.

By Randle Kinswa, Managing Editor

The 2021-22 ASEWU President, Grace Nall, said the largest goal ASEWU has this year is to become more connected with the student body on campus. 

“A big goal we have is (to have) more outreach to students,” Nall said. “We don’t have enough students involved in (Associated Students).”

Becoming more connected to the student body is perhaps more important this year than any year previous due to COVID-19 causing the last four quarters to be online Nall said.

Nall also stressed about the goal to diversify Associated Students in particular.

“As a member of the Greek Community as well, we have a lot of students who come to (Associated Students) who are associated with Greek Life which is great,” Nall said. “But, we want more diversity within (Associated Students).”

Nall cited another big goal of the team is to reach out to 30 clubs, (student) organizations, or departments by the end of the fall quarter to help bolster student outreach as best they can. Nall said every time the team reaches out to one of these groups they write the instance on a colored circle and place it on a paper gumball machine. 

The ASEWU team is keeping track of their progress using a gumball machine graphic.

To reach out to one of these clubs, organizations, or departments, visit the link here to join: ASEWU Committees 

After a year of being online, Nall said the team has adjusted well to being back on campus, and she said the team is very ecstatic and optimistic for this next school year. 

“It’s been awesome,” Nall said, “I’ve had no complaints … the team is so excited to be here … and wants to make the campus better for students.”

Nall added that last year was hard on everyone. 

“We always want to serve students,” Nall said. “Obviously last year was harder to do that over zoom … and I think everyone is well aware of that.” 

Nall stated that perhaps because of how hard it was last year for ASEWU to really serve students, it has made this year’s team even more motivated in achieving their goals.