White-supremacist flyers return to EWU

White-supremacist flyers return to EWU

By Kaisa Siipola, Reporter

When flyers and stickers hung by a white-supremacist group appeared on campus in February, EWU students and faculty gathered for a student-led unity rally.

Now, the flyers have returned.

In the last couple of weeks, Identity Evropa stickers have been hung around campus during the middle of the night.

The EWU Police Department has been taking a police report on when, where and how frequent the stickers have been appearing, according to Jay Day, deputy chief of police.

Some students found it disappointing to see the stickers appearing on campus.

“As a trans student, seeing Identity Evropa stickers and flyers around campus makes me feel genuinely unsafe, especially when it’s not just around campus but also around Cheney because they live here,”  EWU student Alexander Brooks said. “I wish they would stop putting them up because it makes students feel unsafe, whether they’re trans, queer, or students of color.”

“We are an educational institution and we believe the diversity is infused in the core of who we are, and we are going to value those differences, always,” said Dr. Shari Clark, EWU’s vice president of diversity and inclusion.

Various resources on campus, including the Multicultural Center and Counseling Psychological Services, are available to students and faculty for support and guidance.  

The EWU police department encourages anyone who sees these stickers to call the non-emergency phone number at 509-359-7676.