Police Beat


By Josh Fletcher, News Editor

Possession with the Intent to Deliver, May 18

Around 9 p.m. at Morrison Hall, EWU PD received a call of a noise complaint. They said the people were always loud and always smoking marijuana in the dorms. Police responded to the call and went to search the room. After getting a search warrant, they found marijuana, cocaine, scales and dab oil. Police arrested the person and their friend, whom was with them, for being minors in possession.


Assault, May 22

A female student was the victim of someone’s road rage near the Holiday Inn on Betz Road. The student told police the SUV cut her off around the hotel, so she backed away. After pulling into Lot 12 she noticed the car followed her in and started coming towards her. The SUV drove so close to her she said that it grazed her leg. The car then drove back toward the girl, stopped to yell at her, and grabbed the hat off of her head before driving away. The girl then chased after the car to try to take a picture of the license plate, which was a temporary plate. The SUV continued to drive in reverse towards her while she was trying to take the photo, causing her to miss a shot of the plate. Police ask that if you know anything to contact them since this investigation is still ongoing.


Malicious Mischief, May 22

A fight between three girls ended with a broken computer last Tuesday. The fight happened around Cedar Street and North 10th Avenue between the three girls. Witness accounts could not explain what the actual cause of the fight was. After the fight one of the females went into Morrison Hall with a bloody face. When a student asked if they were ok, the female responded with rage and threw their computer on the ground. No arrests were made by police.


Theft, May 28

A female student contacted police after she discovered her purse was stolen. She forgot that she left her window rolled down when she left her car near Morrison Hall, and when she returned her purse was gone.