Police Beat


Graphic by Gail Powers for The Easterner

By Josh Fletcher, News Editor

Suspicious Circumstance/Voyeurism, April 17

EWU PD has caught a man, who for the past year, has been spying on men and following them into the men’s bathroom. Police said he would put paper over the sensors so the toilets wouldn’t flush, and one person caught him peeking under the stall while he was in it. Police believe there may be more victims out there and ask that if you were a victim of his spying to contact them.



Fraud, April 21

Last Saturday a student reported to police after she was scammed out of over $900. These scammers called her mother first saying her daughter needed to go to jury duty or there would be a warrant out for her arrest.About an hour later they called the female student and said there was a warrant out for her arrest and in order to pay it off she would need to send them $915 in prepaid cash cards. She bought those from Safeway and gave the information to the scammer who got away with the money. Police have been able to trace the callers from the Tacoma area, and ask people to be on the lookout for similar such scams and to contact them if you believe you are being scammed so they can look to see if there has been other reported scams in the area.



Drug Offense, April 21

A CA from Streeter Hall called police to alert them of the smell of marijuana on the fifth floor. Police arrived and confronted the student who said he had to keep it in his room because his car was broken down off campus and it was getting towed away, so he couldn’t leave his marijuana there. Since the student was over the age of 21, he will get his product back if he wants to pick it up from the police station on campus.


Liquor Violation, April 22

Police were called to snyamncut Hall by a CA after reports of a woman vomiting in the bathroom on the fourth floor. By the time police arrived, she was helped back to her room by her roommate who did not drink that night. The woman was given a breathalyzer test and blew a .03–less than half the legal limit. The roommate said they were at a party and she was drinking. Both students were under 21.



On Monday April 23 at about 8 a.m., a female student was violated in Williamson Hall.

She was walking up the stairs on the side of the building facing Martin Hall when she felt something on her leg. When she looked back a male student was looking up her dress. She confronted and yelled at him, and he ran out the door. He is described as a white male with short dark hair and brown eyes with spotty facial hair and possibly a mustache.

EWU PD is looking for this person and asks if you saw this take place or know who this might be to contact them at (509) 359-7676 or contact Detective Schmitter at (509) 359-4887.