Police Beat


Graphic by Gail Powers for The Easterner

By Josh Fletcher, News Editor

Drug Offense, April 2

Police were called to a dorm in Brewster Hall because one person was concerned their underage roommate was smoking marijuana. Police came to search the room with consent from the roommate, but did not find or smell anything in the room.


Theft, April 2

Two female students were upset with a male student who stole their Kindle and vape pen. The women were not too fond of the male who was in their dorm, so they left their dorm with the student in it. When they came back to their dorm they noticed those items were missing. The female student was able to go online and see that the male had registered her Kindle under his name, making it easy to prove he stole those items. Police confronted the student and he eventually gave the items back.


Suspicious Circumstance, April 4

One of the EWU professors alerted police after he got a pro-Nazi letter. The teacher is Jewish and attends a synagogue on Sundays in Spokane. Police were able to trace the letter back to the American Nazi Party out of state. There were no threats in the letter, just proclomations of how great Nazi’s are.


DWLS/ Drug Offense, April 4

Just after 3 a.m. near Washington Street and Golden Hills Drive, EWU police noticed a car that was driving without its headlights on. The officer pulled the car over and ran the person’s drivers license. Police discovered the male student was driving with a suspended license, and when he walked back to the car the male had marijuana on his sweatshirt. The officer then arrested that student for being in possession while being a minor. The officer also found a blunt and bag of marijuana in the car. The student was cited and released.