Republic Parking to take control of P11 come spring quarter

By Sam Jackson, Reporter

Due to an increase in rent, lot P11 will no longer be operated by EWU and is effective April 1.

Lot P11 is currently owned by the Newman Center. Paul Heric, the priest and director of the center had raised the rent of the lot by 34.8 percent. According to Michelle Rasmussen, the director of parking and transportation services, this rate increase wasn’t going to financially work for EWU anymore.

“It was just too much,” said Rasmussen. “We would’ve had to raise the rate of parking in that lot and it was just going to be too much.”

From Rasmussen’s understanding of what Heric reiterated to her, was that the lot will be contracted by the Newman Center to Republic Parking. Republic Parking already operates the 46-space lot that is adjacent to P11.

“It will be a paid public parking lot,” said Rasmussen. “Which means that there will be an hourly rate or even a monthly rate offered.”

The notification for the lot becoming unoperated by EWU was just updated this week and some students are already making plans for where they will be parking next year.

“This morning I saw it was closing and I was really upset about it,” senior Kristin Jones said. “It was so central to everything for me. Next year I will be walking from the free lot because I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a lot that’s not really perfect for me and this one was.”

Students appreciated the competitive price and convenient location of the lot. Therefore, some are disappointed by the news.

“Well it was one of the cheaper lots and it’s just easier for me,” junior Ericka Martinez said. “I work on campus too so it’s just closer to everything for me. So, I am kind of sad about it.”

Rasmussen suggests to students that P17 is at the same price as P11, which is $94. She also recommends students use P12, the free parking lot with 1,112 spaces available. Parking permits will be available to purchase starting Friday, March 16.