EWU goes on hiring spree for administrative positions

By Katherine Senechal, Reporter

EWU has been in the process of hiring for multiple administrative positions. The majority of these positions work with technology and EWU’s online programs, affecting students and how they get information and programs online.

This potentially improves how much help and/or information students and faculty can get online.

One position that EWU is hiring for is senior director of Eastern Online and Academic Instruction.

Ashley Settler, the state authorization coordinator in the Office of Outreach & Engagement, is in charge of coordinating the events and meetings for the job candidates and acts as a point of contact for them. The person hired for this job will oversee Eastern Online and Instructional Technology.

To find someone suitable for this job and to make sure they are the right match to help EWU students, they are looking for someone with experience managing a team.

This person should have knowledge of online instruction systems and instructional design components. They will work with faculty and staff to provide quality courses and programs to EWU students through online learning.

“This person will help to bring more courses and programs online, giving our students easier access to the courses they need,” said Settler.

Another position that is open is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) who is responsible for all technological services on campus. The CIO will report to Mary Voves, the Vice President for Business and Finance.

The candidates currently in the running for the position all have significant experience leading complex technological organizations.

“The position is important to students because technology effects their experiences at EWU from registering for classes, to distributing financial aid, to WiFi and internet access and classroom technology,” Voves said.

These two positions are just a portion of open positions for administrative positions. These positions, and how qualified these applicants are, are important to student life as they directly affect how well EWU students can get different programs and classes online.

They also have the potential to make students’ online curricula more effective.

Online affairs and EWU technology can affect students and professors and how well they communicate, which can improve learning and the success of students.

For information on open positions on campus, visit the EWU Handshake website.