Police Beat


Graphic by Gail Powers

By Josh Fletcher, News Editor


Dec. 31


During a broadcast from Eastern’s KEWU 89.5 FM, an unhappy listener called in to voice their concern with the DJ’s commercials. The caller threatened to kill the DJ over the commercials because it was interfering with his jazz listening. Police were informed of the situation, but no further details have been provided at this time.


Warrant Arrest

Jan. 4


EWU police arrested a person who had a warrant out for their arrest. Police say they pulled them over for a traffic infraction and after running their plates found there was a warrant out in Spokane County for their arrest.  They were arrested and brought to Spokane County Jail.


Suspicious Circumstance

Jan. 3


A female student contacted police after receiving unwelcomed Facebook messages from another student. The female said the student used to be in her major program but she did not know him personally. After a few back and forth messages she said the conversation changed to him asking her sexual things. She felt uncomfortable by this, leading her to contact police.