Riverpoint campus library now open for 24/7 access


Students study at the Spokane Academic Library. EWU students can use this space any time of the day or night they would like | Photo courtesy of Spokane Academic Library Facebook page

By Josh Fletcher, News Editor

Have you ever wanted to go check out a book or find a quiet place to study at two in the morning? Well, the library at the Riverpoint Campus in Spokane is open 24 hours.

“We started looking into this a year ago,” said Library Director Jonathan Potter. “There was a lot of positive feedback from students wanting us to add this service.”

Potts has been the director for two years, and saw this switch as being something that would particularly benefit the students from WSU’s nursing school.

“We did a survey of medical schools, and found it’s a trend among them.” Potter said.

The busiest nights are unsurprisingly around midterms and finals, Potter said.

“[It’s busier] more so earlier in the evening; midnight to 1 a.m […] there can be up to 50 people in there per night.”

The library is open to all EWU and WSU students who fill out an in-person registration form and get security clearance from the university. With this being a 24-hour service, security is a major emphasis from the universities.

“We are in the process of adding more security cameras and security guards on campus and doing more walk-throughs at night,” Potter said.

Even though they already have tight security and have not had any issues before, they do not want to take any chances.

For those who want to get up and walk around but have too much homework to be able to do that, they have a treadmill desk. You set your laptop up on the table and the treadmill will move so you can walk and type at the same time.

The library offers a rare opportunity for students to not only study on their time, but meet people from another university.

“It’s cool the way the library is a conduit for both institutions to come together,” Potter said.•