Easterner Asks Ep. 1

By Audrey Seda, Mult-Media Director

Filmed & edited by The Easterner's Multi-Media Director, Audrey Seda.

They should be held to a higher standard, because they’re not just representing the team but the whole school, non-athlete students are represented by them.

— Krystal Gady, Freshman

Sports get pretty competitive, so I don’t think they should be disciplined on that but partying wise maybe a little more harsh. Everyone parties but it kind of falls under certain categories of discipline.

— Richard Nightingale, Freshman

Discipline falls in line with the sport, so I think that having these disciplines not only show your dedication to the sport but also the things outside of that.

— Ellen Korson, Senior

I’m a huge believer that if you don’t meet the academic requirements, I don’t care if the NFL is trying to hire you, you need to meet the requirements.

— Kai Hiar, Freshman

Yea I think it’s fair, you know they should be representing the school so I don’t disagree with it. I’ve never really seen it enacted by school though really.

— Philip Smelser, Junior

“I think there should a suspension or something, I don’t think that they should be kicked off the team though, they are just kids. They are young, they do stupid stuff you know so maybe just a suspension or something.

— Joe