Easterner Asks

What are you looking forward to the most/least about 2018 and why?

By Richard N. Clark IV, Social Media Director

Noah Brown, Sophomore:

“I am going to move out of my parents house by the end of the quarter, and I am really looking forward to that.”

Mark Wilson, Freshman:

“I am looking forward to rushing Phi Delta Theta. In my opinion they don’t fit the typical stereotype of a fraternity. I feel like I blend in perfectly with the culture and my favorite thing is that they have higher GPA requirements that make me feel like I can do better.”

Mack Booie, Freshman:

“I am just looking forward to making 2018 a way better year than 2017 was. It had its ups and downs, so I’m looking for a lot of ups this year. I’m sure that there will be some downs, too, but I am just ready to own it, ready to make 2018 great.”

Victoria Taroudaki, Mathematics Professor:

“I am the least excited about the rest of the winter. It’s going to be too long. I just want it to be a better year than last.[/pullquote]

Jennifer Cleveland, Senior:

“Graduating this spring, I am majoring in Geology and am getting my GSI certification also, so hopefully I will get a state or federal job making maps.”

Savannah Thompson, Freshman:

“I am looking forward to rushing this quarter. I’m just really excited to meet new girlfriends and get to know more of the community since I am from the West side. I’m the least excited about all of the finals and homework that I’ll have this quarter.”