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What are you looking forward to most from the PUB renovations?

By Richard N. Clark IV, Social Media Director

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Kyle McMurrich, Junior

  • “New food definitely, maybe a new place to do homework and just something new for the whole campus cause I know Patterson is the newest building on campus besides the PUB.”

Ike Gathers, Junior

  • “The community at Eastern, when the PUB was open, had a lot more cohesiveness, I met a lot of people from different majors in the PUB. The food options are going to be bomb too!”

Mirai OC, Freshman

  • “Honestly, I don’t even really know what’s going on but I heard there is going to be a Panda Express, so that’s what I’m excited about.”

Edith Clario, Junior

  • “I’m looking forward to just having a place to hang out with my friends and more options to eat.”

Jack Austin, Freshman

  • “Just to see what it looks like, I heard there is going to be a new food court and restaurant, so I am excited about that.”

Andrei Leonardi, Freshman

  • “Just more restaurants, there’s not many places to eat on campus. You either go to Tawanka or the Roost and Einsteins in the morning, so having more places to eat and spend a-la-carte will be nice.”
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