EPIC starts bike rental program


EPIC is offering bike rentals to EWU Students. The bike shop is opened a few weeks ago, but the cold weather has slowed business | Mckenzie Ford for The Easterner

By Rebecca Pettingill, Contributor

EWU’s new bike shop opened for business this fall. While it is currently serving students, it has been lagging in its progress to be fully functional.

The EPIC Bike Shop quietly opened in September, but the grand opening is expected to take place in the spring at a still unannounced date.

Located at 336 Pavilion, the bike shop is at the same place where the EPIC kayaks are stored.

The shop has a short window of time to serve students; 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and will not be open during winter quarter.

The shop currently only provides mountain bike rentals, but is still in the process of getting approved to provide bike repair services for EWU students.

According to the EPIC Office, a tune-up menu of services is in the works. Though there is no word on how long it will be before the repair services will be available.

“The idea to provide repair services to the public (non-EWU students) are still tentative because local competition might be affected,” Chris Hoppe, the Associate Director of Campus Recreation/Outdoor Programs, said.

The prices for renting the bikes are determined by the type of suspension the customer wants. Front suspension bikes are $10, while full suspension is $15 per day for EWU students. There is a half-day rate for up to 4 hours and helmets are included.

One of the missions of the new rental service is to encourage academic programs, clubs and organizations on campus to take advantage of creating real world experiences on what they are already teaching students.

So far not a lot of students have taken advantage of the new rental service, but once spring and warmer weather comes around, EPIC hopes it will see more visitors through their doors.