Recurring program assists in internship searches

By Taylor Newquist, Contributor

Internships 101 is an Eastern Washington University workshop designed to link students with internship opportunities.

“An internship is an important way to gain job experience while you’re still at school,” Romeal Watson, an EWU internship coordinator and Internship 101 speaker, said.

“I help prepare you before your internship, teach you what you need to say and make sure everyone is on the same page,” Watson said.

Watson asked the students what their major was, and gave advice for what types of places they should get internships at, in order to get a head start while still in school.

Freshman Amanda Mahon, a Geology major, said that she was concerned about the lack of geology jobs because of environmental budget cuts.

“Getting involved with someone in such a small field is what is most important, it will help me get a job later on,” Mahon said.

Watson found internship programs for students majoring in Business, Geology, Political Science, English, International Relations and Computer Science during the workshop. Watson was able to find at least one opening for every student in attendance.

Internships 101 takes place at 2 p.m. in Showalter Hall Room 114, and is held every other Thursday. There are two programs remaining for the quarter on Nov. 16 and 30.

Internships can be awarded school credit if it is coordinated with the EWU staff and approved. The Career Services office is open for more information, as well as the EWU website.