EWU makes changes to parking payment methods


Parking meters on the EWU campus. The meters now provide students with multiple options to pay for parking | The Easterner Archives

By Sarah Giomi, Reporter

Eastern Washington University is partnering with PayByPhone Technologies to provide students with more ways to pay for parking meters on campus.

Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) recognized the previous parking system was inefficient because it required information to be entered in a specific way for enforcement to see that the payment was made. This made errors a common occurrence for students. The previous app also was unable to download on a majority of student’s phones.

Starting at the end of October, students will be able to pay for parking meters by downloading the app for both iPhone and Androids. Students can create an account with a mobile phone number, credit or debit card, and license plate to register.

Customers will also be able to pay by calling an 800 number provided by PayByPhone.

EWU’s Director of Parking and Transportation Services, Michelle Rasmussen, said, “Students will also save money because the new vendor charges a smaller fee for its service.”

The new program also increases efficiency for PTS by the new license plate recognition software so enforcement can monitor all locations more effectively.

PayByPhone processes more than $325 million payments annually through mobile web, smartphone, and smartwatch applications. The company strives to provide ways to make secure payments, reduce the need for waiting in lines, and the need to carry change. Hopefully, this will minimize fines and parking tickets.

“This is an easy to use system that will make parking around campus easier and quicker for students and visitors,” said Rasmussen.  

PTS provides parking guidance and assistance to the Cheney campus community and the public while managing sixteen lots, 455 meters and 3232 parking spots including with permits and free spaces provided throughout campus.

PTS strives to be customer oriented by responding timely and efficiently to all customer requests and needs, especially with the new collaboration with PayByPhone Technologies Inc.

EWU hopes working with this company will enhance the overall experience for students by reducing potential difficulties of getting to class and activities by making parking easy.