EWU Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity alleged of ‘misbehavior’

SigEp under investigation by national headquarters, EWU for violations

By Nicole Ruse, Editor-in-Chief

The Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity (SigEp) — Washington Gamma RLC Chapter was ordered to cease and desist all chapter operations on April 22 while the national headquarters investigates allegations of “misbehavior.”

The SigEp Fraternity national headquarters sent a staff member to investigate the allegations against chapter members on April 24.

David Meany, EWU director of media relations, said via press release, “Both the university and SigEp headquarters have recently been informed of allegations against certain members of the Washington Gamma chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon.”

In a statement from the national headquarters: “SigEp takes health and safety violations very seriously,” said SigEp CEO Brian Warren. “We expect all of our students to behave according to both their university’s policies and ours, and we work with our university partners to remove students or chapters that pose a risk to student safety.”

The national headquarters will determine the next appropriate action: a full chapter membership review or withdrawing the chapter’s recognition, according to Meany.

“EWU supports the national chapter in taking these steps and appreciates the swift action and seriousness with which it is pursuing the complaint,” said Meany. The university will take action if the investigation reveals behavior violating Eastern’s Code of Conduct, according to the press release. All students are held to the code once admitted into EWU.

Chapter operations will remain suspended until SigEp headquarters completes the investigation and takes action.

The Easterner is currently investigating the situation.