Cheney businesses make small moves, gain bigger rewards

Cheney businesses make small moves, gain bigger rewards

By Wilson Criscione, News Writer


There are a limited amount of business locations in a small town like Cheney, but some businesses, like Body Language Tattoo and Napa Auto Parts, are finding a simple change of scenery to make a world of difference.

Locally-owned tattoo shop, Body Language Tattoo, moved across the street from their former location in October of 2013, and they already feel right at home.

“It’s been good for me all around,” said owner Gary Shorts about the relocation.

After issues with the previous space went unfixed, such as bad window insulation, Shorts explored his other options and decided to move across the street.

Now, Shorts is paying half the rent for what he believes is a much better building. He pays only $39 per month for gas, compared to the $450 per month he paid for eight years prior to the move.

Shorts has been tattooing in Cheney since 1997, but he has never had a location quite like the one he has now. The shop is bigger and the layout is smoother.

“This tattoo shop is designed especially for tattooing,” said Shorts, who described the previous location as “strung out.”

Napa Auto Parts is also switching gears on Feb. 17, as they are looking to relocate from their current store on First street to a more favorable location on Simpson Parkway, just across from Taco Bell.

Napa has been at their location for decades, and they have been eager to switch for a while. But a lack of funds prevented a switch to a bigger store.

Lately, business has increased, pushing the need for more work space even higher. The store simply does not have room for the amount of inventory the business needs.

“We’ve been trying to cram 10-pounds of stuff into a five-pound box,” said store manager Matt Albertsons.

But thanks to the increase in profit, Napa can move forward with their relocation.

According to Albertsons, all of the employees are looking forward to the new store. It not only will have more space for inventory, but it will also be in the middle of Cheney traffic.

“It’s going to be great,” Albertsons said. “It will be worth it for everybody.”