Prep your car: winter is coming

By Eric Long, Eagle Life Writer


As colder weather makes its way toward campus, now might be a great time for students to winterize their cars.

Chris Gallagher, owner of Cheney Auto Care Center, said antifreeze is important for cars in freezing weather. The right antifreeze can keep engines from freezing and cracking.

The proper windshield wiper fluid is essential as well. According to Gallagher, most wiper fluid sold around the Inland Northwest is already equipped for winter, so students should check the bottle before they buy the cheap brands.

Gallagher said that motor oil is something else to pay attention to. Oil thickens as the temperature drops so students should use proper motor oil for the weather.

Magnesium chloride is used on roads to keep them from icing over, yet this chemical can strip away at the aluminum on cars, according to Gallagher. He advises running cars through the carwash when the temperature is above freezing to wash off the chemicals. If a car is washed while it is freezing outside, water will freeze on the brakes, making the car hazardous.

Ice on the roads can be dangerous if a car does not have the proper tires. According to Goodyear, tires made specifically for winter are better than all-season tires. They offer more traction for snow and ice than all-season tires. All-season tires are designed for performance and traction in all weather conditions, wet and dry.

Keeping emergency supplies in the trunk in case of a breakdown in the snow can be a lifesaver.

Senior Allison Zubiria keeps tire chains, gloves, an ice scraper and a blanket in her trunk.

Junior Sophie Battershell keeps tire chains and an ice scraper in her trunk as well, but also keeps a sleeping bag, defrost spray, a spare tire, a small gas can, pepper spray and jumper cables.

Items like blankets, gloves and sleeping bags are great for keeping warm in the event of a breakdown.

Having things like tire chains, spare gas and a spare tire can be a big help when fighting snow-covered roads.

The weather is getting colder, take these tips seriously and keep safe.