A farewell from the editor

By Amy Meyer, Editor-in-Chief

Amy Meyer plans where she will sign the banner. Meyer was the editor-in-chief for volumes 63 and 64.


Dear EWU and surrounding community,

Thank you. I’ve lived in Cheney for 14 years, raised kids here and, most recently, have had the opportunity to be The Easterner’s editor-in-chief. These two years at the helm have flown.

Among those in the community, I would love to specifically thank Terri King, Michele Munson and Cathy Richter, Stacey Morgan Foster, Tom Couraud, Eric Galey, Nick Brown, Carl Combs, Oscar Ocaña, Bruce Armstrong, Bill Stimson, Ted Carman, Sheryl O’Keefe, Charles Mutschler and Gary Gasseling. You’ve supported us along the way, and I appreciate it.

It’s been a pleasure to hear both criticism and kudos. The fast-paced world of weekly publishing has taught me to be detached from work, take suggestions, implement necessary changes and let go of things after they’ve printed while applying valid feedback to the next issue.

I’ve also learned a lot about myself as an editor and a coach. I now dream about InDesign. I’m just so grateful that I’ve had such an opportunity.

While it sounds like it was all fun and games, this was a hard-working crew that used humor to cope with stressful situations and deadlines. I’d like to thank the following editors who have collaborated with me this year:

Sports Editor Josh Friesen: You always made the newsroom a fun place. Thank you. I was sorry to miss the mint gum and let’s-put-Ben-Grant’s-face-on-everything incidents.

Opinion Editor Kyle Harding: Thank you for your diligence, hard work and for tirelessly sharing your opinions with well-researched, thoughtful columns and editorials.

Photo Editor Aaron Malmoe: You brought so much talent to the team, and it was great to watch you grow professionally, both as a photographer and as a manager.

News Editor Jane Martin: You are going to be a wonderful editor-in-chief. It’s been great to co-write articles and win awards with you. You’re so tough and determined with your stories; you’ve been such an asset to this team.

Chief Copy Editor Kurt Olson: I respect you for not only your editing and teaching skills, but I appreciate how humane you are with us all. Thank you for being a sounding board, for validating me at times and for keeping me from beating myself up too badly.

Eagle Life Editor Al Stover: I will never forget your willingness to go after the story, any story. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to work together.

Managing Editor Christopher Stuck: Thank you for challenging me, brainstorming with me, playing the devil’s advocate, playing advocate, arguing with me and a host of other things that you’ve done during your time here. We may never truly know what a managing editor does, but for what we needed, I think you have done well. I respect your work and your opinions and appreciate that you are so safe to argue with.

Graphics Editor Evan Sykes: Thank you for your attention to detail, for being so willing to take direction and for being full of ideas. You’re a great collaborator and a talented designer.

Online Editor Jaime Williams: I appreciate your ability to jump in and help wherever you can. I also appreciate your willingness to vocalize your confidence in me and what I do. You may think that The Easterner is a wonderful opportunity, but The Easterner will have more opportunities because of the work you’re doing there.

These last two years would not have been the same without the love and friendship of my prayer partner, Sherri Rowe. She has been supportive, objective and available. She has listened to my garbage and has given me unconditional friendship anyway. Sucker.

Thank you to our adviser Jamie Neely. Not only did she constantly loan me confidence, but also continued to provide support on an as-needed basis. She didn’t tell me how to do things but gave me gentle nudges occasionally. She was always available to answer questions or give advice.

Of course none of this would have been possible if my family would have been plotting against me. Thank you for keeping that to a minimum, Meyer family. Thank you, Tim, for keeping track of the house, feeding us, supporting us and doing the grocery shopping. Thank you Querida, Geoff and Mr. Donny Simpson for occasionally returning home to help Dad out.