Concert tickets, road safety reviewed

By Libby Campbell, Senior Reporter


The ASEWU council meeting on April 25 shed some light on a forthcoming event many EWU students are excited about.

The council also formally approved its support on a project that could drastically improve the Spokane-Cheney commute.

The buzz surrounding the upcoming Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert has been fueled by questions regarding who is eligible to attend and, more importantly, how students can go about securing a coveted ticket.

ASEWU student services representative Travis Hughes announced at the council meeting that the wait for details on tickets is now over.

“There has been a formal decision on ticketing,” he said.

Students who want to receive a priority admission ticket to the concert must vote in the general election May 7.

“Then you will bring your student ID card to PUB 320 between May 9 and May 27,” Hughes said. “We will have a list of all students who vote. You’ll come, swipe your ID card, you’ll sign that you picked up your ticket and we will give you a priority admission ticket that looks different from the general ones.”

From May 28 to May 30 all remaining general admission seats will be up for grabs through a similar process.

“We have a master list of all enrolled students, so you can pick those up. You’ll bring your ticket and your ID card the day of the concert to the show,” Hughes said.

Students who have the priority tickets will be able to enter Reese Court before those with general admission tickets.

Students should be advised that even if they have a ticket, that does not guarantee entry to the concert due to space constraints.

“Space is limited. The day of the concert you might want to get there as early as you can,” Hughes said. “Just because you have a ticket doesn’t mean you will get in. We’re going to go until the place is full, but we can’t put every single student in that court.”

Reese Court has a seating capacity of 6,000, but Hughes is not sure how many attendees will be allowed. “I cannot comment on how many people will be allowed to go as that is a decision to be made by those with a better understanding of safety and liability concerns,” he said.

Admission is free, but students must have a ticket and student ID to attend the concert.

“There has been a lot of confusion, so I’m excited to announce that we have a plan of action,” Huges said.

In other council news, ASEWU members voted to approve their resolution in support of the expansion of the Four Lakes-Cheney Road, formally known as state Route 904.

Guest speaker Seamus Davis spoke to the council and gallery members about the need to expand the highway, which tallies an estimated 19,000 trips per day according to Davis, from two lanes to five.

“More and more people are moving to Cheney and enrolling at Eastern. This means more people commuting in and out of the area every day,” he said.

Davis talked about safety issues regarding the two-lane highway, stating that since 2009 there have been 65 accidents.

He also spoke about the lack of freight mobility to and from Cheney.

“[It] discourages new businesses from moving into an area that is otherwise ripe for economic development,” he said.

He said everyone who lives and works in the Cheney area should be concerned about the state of state Route 904.

“If we can show our legislators that a broad coalition of students, professors, administrators, businessmen and women, construction workers and local officials demand improvements to the road we all use every day, we can make sure that funding for this project is included in the state’s transportation budget,” Davis said.

The resolution in support of the expansion project was approved unanimously.