Soccer players’ efforts recognized by Big Sky

Soccer players efforts recognized by Big Sky

Team wraps up a strong season

The women’s soccer team finished the season with a 6-8-4 record.

Junior defender Briana Brannan said, “We did so much better this season and we are way more positive than last year. I just know that positive energy [in the coming season] will keep us motivated and keep us going.”

Throughout the season the team battled numerous injuries, which forced players to play different positions than they were used to, according to Coach George Hageage.

“I think it’s a testament of the players battling adversity,” said Hageage.

According to senior goalkeeper Jamie Walker, more people were coming off the bench because starting players were injured. This gave other players more playing time and a confidence boost.

“I think that really helped give the team more momentum. With people stepping up giving them that confidence that they needed to really help lead the team,” said Walker.

Senior Kasey McNeil felt that because of the injuries everyone has supported each other more, as a team.

“We were able to trust each other, and knew that people were going to have to pick up their role, whatever that was. Whatever coach put us in we had to embrace that role, and I think we trusted in each other to do that,” said McNeil.

McNeil then said, “We played through it to have a good finish. Even though we didn’t make it to the Big Sky Tournament, we ended on a positive note.”

Walker thought the team improved a lot going into the season. “Our pre-season started off a little rocky, once we started to make some adjustments and switch players into new roles we started to really come together as a team and link passes. I think it really worked out for us,” said Walker.

According to Coach Hageage, the team was rebuilt last year. “This year we’re a lot stronger, more fit, more experienced, everything,” said Hageage.

“I think the big thing for this team is that we never battled really hard to redefine who we are on and off the field. The hard work is really starting to pay off,” said Hageage.

Hageage mentioned the team is still a work in progress, and joked that that’s never going to end.

Sophomore forward Cassie Black’s goal for next year is to get healthy on the off-season and work hard all winter to get stronger. She said, “We’re not the tallest team, so it’s really important we have strong bodies that are just built. Then we can hold our own against stronger girls.”

In the spring off-season, the team plays pick-up scrimmages to work on individual skills and work as a team, according to Black.

This postseason, Black and Brannan were both named in the All-Big Sky Second Team.

Sophomore defender Katie Cashman and junior midfielder Katy Allen received All-Big Sky Honorable Mentions.

Brannan reflected that the team has a strong upperclassman set up based off of everything they have been through this year. She said, “I know we’ve came through a lot. Next year, we’re just gonna kick some butt.”

When asked how the team will keep momentum for the upcoming year Hageage said, “We’re on a good track on how we want to do things. We’ve got a good coaching staff that demand players to stay at that level and [we have] committed players.”

The team ended the season Nov. 4, against Gonzaga University with a 4-1 loss.