Incredible Corn maze continues seasonal tradition

Imagine walking down a path in darkness, the sound of dirt and broken stalks crunching beneath your feet, tall stalks of corn tower above you as the sound of a chainsaw echoes in the distance.

This is the environment visitors can expect to find themselves in when they enter the “Incredible Corn Maze” located in Hauser, Idaho. The maze, in its ninth season, opened on Sept. 21 and will close on Oct. 31.

According to Suzie Dunn, who has coordinated The Incredible Corn Maze since it began, there were over 16,000 visitors in 2011.

For Lynn Humphreys of C&L Farms, the corn stalks for this year’s maze were better than they were in previous years.

“The guy who usually cuts it said ‘was the tallest and thickest corn he had cut out of the 25 mazes,'” Humphreys said.

The Incredible Corn Maze is split into three different mazes with a 4.2 mile path inside of 12 acres of corn, according to their press release.

Scattered throughout all three mazes are checkpoints where visitors can hole-punch the cards they get when they enter the maze. If they get all 15 punches, they get a prize.

The maze once again features several attractions such as Helicopter Rides, which cost $20, tractor tire playground and a corn cannon shooting range which also awards prizes such as concessions and cash. The maze also raises money for eight different nonprofit groups, including Girl Scouts of America and Sorenson Elementary PTA.

The maze will also bring back the Field of Screams, which acts as their haunted maze, on the third week.

Unlike the other mazes, the Field of Screams will be open only at night and have up to 25 performers in costumes jumping out at visitors.

“When you’re walking through a haunted maze, you know something is going to happen,” Dunn said. “Even when you’re walking along the non-scary path on the way up to it.”

For visitors who do not want to get frightened, they are free to go through the other mazes at night without any scary suprises.

One new feature the maze has this year is the 1.25 acre pumpkin patch where visitors can purchase mini-gourds and pumpkins.

Visitors can also purchase stalks of corn.

For Dunn, her reward is watching families from all over the area come to the mazes and having a wonderful time conquering the corn labrynth.

“It’s just a really fun outdoor community event and I love it.”


Address: Right across the street from 3405 N Beck Rd, Hauser, ID 83854

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