Clery report posted for campus and community

By Kristie Hsin, Senior Reporter


The new Clery report published on Eastern’s website Oct. 1.

According to the act, as mandated under federal law, all colleges and universities that participate in the federal aid program must report and maintain a crime log made available to the public.

The Clery Act, established in 1990, is purposed to provide students with information regarding crime that occurs on campus.

As stated in the university’s sexual assault, harassment and misconduct information in the annual report, sexual misconduct includes, but does not limit to rape, actions of sexual intercourse taking place against an individual’s will, sexual intercourse with individuals incapable of responding or resisting the sexual conduct.

Unwanted touching and fondling of any sexual nature is also classified as sexual misconduct. Information regarding rights of the victim and rights of the accused can also be found in the report.